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 VIPER - Too Dangerous to Love

They're the nation's strongest and smartest, but when it comes to love they have a lot to learn.

Lieutenant Commander Chris Daviani is a super soldier. Dr. Charlene "Charley" Kerrigan is the genius who engineered him. 

He thinks he’s too dangerous to love. She thinks her only value is her brain. 

Can they overcome the lies they tell themselves and surrender to their attraction before a deadly traitor finds them?  

  • Finalist in the 2019 Daphne Du Maurier contest in the unpublished single title romantic mystery/suspense category.
  • 2nd Place Finisher in the NJ  Romance Writers 2018 Put Your Heart in a Book contest 
  • Finalist in the 2018 Utah RWA Chapter's Great Beginnings Contest.

VIPER Too Deadly to Love


Three men in Dr. Beth Parker’s life have fallen for her – straight into their graves. Marine Corps First Lieutenant Kyle Darren is a super soldier leading a dangerous existence. 

To save other unsuspecting victims from the clutches of her lethal luck, Beth only dates men who aren’t relationship types. Kyle won’t let himself fall in love and chance leaving a grieving widow behind. 

The two should be perfect for each other. No strings. No commitment. When a deadly stalker from Beth’s past resurfaces and puts them both in danger, they learn they have more to fear than falling in love. They risk losing it.

  • Finalist in the 2019 Daphne Du Maurier contest in the unpublished single title romantic mystery/suspense category.

Falling for Vegas

World champion swimmer Molly Wagner lost her shot at Olympic gold when she gave her heart to a fellow athlete who used her to further his career. Her new job at a swim club in Las Vegas is the perfect place to start working toward her new goal – coaching on the national level. As long as she stays focused and ignores her sexy Vegas-sized employer she won’t let her dream, or her heart, be controlled by a womanizing celebrity again.

Nick Ferraro learned at young age that relationships in Hollywood only last as long as production. He dates by a “’til our contracts do us part” mentality. The head swim coach at the fitness facility he’s opened could be an alluring distraction while he decides the next step in his film career. The beautiful mermaid, however, has built a tidal wave around her heart that even his charm can’t penetrate.

Can Molly reconcile her past and trust Nick to be part of her world? Can Nick look beyond temporary and see that Molly is his path to forever? As their attraction burns hot enough to rival the Vegas heat, the odds of walking away with their hearts intact are a long shot.

  • Finalist in the 2019 Maine Romance Writer's Strut Your Stuff Contest