VIPER - Too Dangerous to Love

2nd Place Finisher in the NJ Romance Writers 2018 Put Your Heart in a Book contest!


They're the nation's smartest and strongest, but when it comes to love they have a lot to learn.

Dr. Charlene “Charley” Kerrigan’s genius mind is her gift. It’s also her prison. Her controlling stepfather and money-hungry ex-fiancé have led her to believe she’s only valuable for one thing – her brain. When VIPER, a top-secret DoD program recruits Charley to scientifically enhance its “super soldiers,” she jumps at the chance to use her ideas to serve her country. But Charley’s boarding school upbringing didn’t teach her how to interact with the testosterone-fueled VIPER team, especially the dark, intense ex-SEAL.

Captain Chris Daviani is dangerous. Night after night, he’s tortured by violent flashbacks from his last mission that took his arm and almost his life. He’s already hurt his ex-wife in the throes of a nightmare. He can’t risk bringing another woman into his bed. His only option is to be alone. Alone is good. Alone is safe. Alone isn’t going to hurt anybody but him.

When VIPER is hacked, Chris whisks Charley into hiding so she can use her brilliance to find the enemy and save the program from losing its funding. Although Chris knows he’s dangerous, he’s drawn to the shy beauty who calms him with her voice and doesn’t run from his dark dreams. But Charley doesn’t dare explore the yearnings the handsome soldier has awakened. It’s her brain he wants, not the rest of her. As the threat escalates, putting VIPER’s existence and Charley’s life in peril, the chemistry pulling them together is a force neither one of them can fight and both have a lot to learn about.