Every Hero Deserves a Happily Ever After

A few years ago, I saw photos of veteran amputees in Michael Stokes' Always Loyal coffee table book and said, "Those heroes deserve a happily ever after." In that moment, VIPER, my romantic suspense series about special forces amputees cybernetically engineered to become the country's first generation of super soldiers, was born.

VIPER - Too Dangerous to Love

They're the nation's strongest and smartest, but when it comes to love they have a lot to learn.  

He’s a super soldier. She’s the genius who engineered him. He thinks he’s too dangerous to love. She thinks her only value is her brain. Can they overcome the lies they tell themselves and surrender to their attraction before a deadly traitor finds them?  

Journey to Publication

I'm thrilled to announce I recently signed with Spencerhill Associates. I'm also excited to announce that VIPER - Too Dangerous to Love earned second place in the NJ Romance Writer's Put Your Heart in a Book contest, and was a finalist in the Utah Chapter RWA Great Beginnings contest. 

 Next step - publication!

VIPER Technology in the News

The soldiers of VIPER are equipped with weaponized prosthetics they control with their thoughts through artificial intelligence (AI). Sound like science fiction?  Read about how AI is fueling smarter prosthetics than ever before. 

Veterans and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Our military heroes, including the fictional heroes

 of VIPER, not only combat enemies, but often PTSD.  Learn about PTSD and how you can help, connect, and share.

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